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Welcome to you all whether you are knowledgeable professionals or occasional visitors looking for information on specialist foundations!

The Jean Lutz Company specialises in the design, manufacture and use of measuring and control instruments used in connection with the construction of foundations for major structures such as dams, metros, tunnels, motorways, bridges, large buildings etc.

Our clients specialise in ground technologies and below ground constructions: major specialist foundation contractors, inspection entities, design offices, geotechnicians, research bodies, government entities.
We can be found in geotechnics, in geological exploration using drilling parameters, the identification of voids and cavities, the control and analysis of treatment fluid injection into the ground, sealing and consolidation injection, continuous flight auger piling, ballasted columns, tie-beams, checking the verticality of columns and walls etc.

Our roots

Created in 1975 by Jean Lutz, our Company has its head offices in Jurançon, near Pau in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

Jean Lutz is a family-owned business which is both bound to the values that underpin its success also resolutely involved in the most modern technologies.

We aim to produce equipment that is easy to handle, neat, as compact as possible, sealed, suitable for installation on any machine and particularly sturdy so that it can withstand the often inclement climate environments found on geotechnical, public, mining or oil work sites. All our products meet the requirements of European standards. Very easy to use, they pose no problem to non-specialist personnel.

Due to an ongoing research approach and based on our experience with millions of metres drilled, thousands of users and work site feedback, Jean Lutz S.A. can offer its clients instruments that always feature state-of-the-art technology.