The CINAUT 15 is a complete construction control and injection regulation system.

In PAC mode, the CINAUT controls the slurry batching units according to predetermined production processes. The CINAUT automatically manages and records production unforeseens, tolerances and jetty errors etc. The CINAUT also manages product stocks and daily consumption.

In PVD mode, the CINAUT controls pump On/Off modes or proportional mode with simultaneous flow rate and pressure control. Many functions are also managed automatically and documented.

Twelve injection lines can be connected into the CINAUT. Each line must be equipped with a flow meter, a pressure transducer and a densimeter (optional). The CINAUT manages and documents calibrations. Any sensor malfunction is detected and documented.

Measurements can be transmitted to a remote screen several kilometres away or transferred by e-mail via the MEMOTEL





Technical features

  • Power supply: 24 VDC.
  • Dimension: 565 x 300 x 520 mm.
  • Weight: 16 kg.
  • Temperature range: -20°C / +75°C.
  • Internal memory (hard drive).
  • Retrieving data using the USB drive or by the Internet (MEMOSERV service).



Installation diagram