The ANTOISE sensor measures the inclination, orientation and positioning with an accuracy of 3 cm (within 1 inch).

It is composed of three GPS receivers in 2 units, one "base" GPS receiver positioned on a point of exact known coordinates.
It corrects the measurement of a second unit, the GPS "machine." It is composed of a metal support equipped with 2 receivers and a case containing the electronic computing. One of the receivers is used as the positioning reference, the other to determine the orientation; the assembly is placed on the mast.

Display on DIALOG


Features of the DIALOG data logger:

  • 10 inches colour touch screen
  • Graphical screen : 3 graphics curves at a time (up to 6 possible), drag and drop allows to drag a parameter on the desired zone.
  • Multi-process: by simply selecting the type of work (CFA,JET, SMX, Injections, Vibro ... more than 30 processes) the DIALOG will adapt menus, screens, as well as all the functions to the selected process and ensures the proper execution of work monitoring.
  • Remote possibility to examine the status of the DIALOG in real-time, data recovery at the end of the pile, display real-time on the screen, review the configuration of the DIALOG, prepare list of jobs ...
  • Built in GPS
  • GPS Positioning: connection for an external high precision GPS (Antoise)
  • Automation: various advanced control functions that help the operator to do the perfect job.
  • Large Internal memory.
  • USB adapter for data transfer.
  • Modular with sensor connection boxes (modules) that can be cascaded (expandable) to add new measures sensors to the system.
  • 3G Ready allow to remotely follow job site, trouble shoot, pre load the data.
  • Double registering system (the DIALOG can register data each cm and each second).
  • Possibility to register measures following external triggers (pressure value, station accomplished ...)
  • Bus system for sensor connection that allows an almost unlimited numbers of sensors and a high flexibility.