EXPRS software is used to display a pressure measurement test, calculate measurement corrections and determine the various results such as:

  • The pressure measurement module Em
  • Creep pressures Pf, Pf*
  • Extreme pressures Pl, Pl*, Plh, Pli, Pld
  • Determining points P1 and P2.

These calculations are carried out on the basis of imported measurements, calibrations and sizing together with a test, the type of sensor used and a range of other physical parameters.

At any time, the user can intuitively modify one of these values and check the ensuing changes to the data calculated.

The user can import the pressure and volume measurements directly using an input window or from a text file. They can also be retrieved from records made with instruments provided by the JEAN LUTZ SA Company such as the LUTIN, the BAP160 (or the LUBAP), the PREVO (coupled with a recorder).