SYSTEM VISION: At the heart of construction site

Jean Lutz Company has extended its range in Geotechnical Instrumentation with a new software for remote monitoring, System Vision. Resulting from many years of experience, System Vision provides access to device data in real time, and allows sharing of information with operators on the ground.

System Vision can be consulted on both smart phones and tablets as well as from a computer, via any Internet browser. Once running, the software displays a list of available machines and their current activity. Simply select a machine to view in real time drilling parameters, configuration, and even the display seen in real time by the operator.


Bidirectional communication

System Vision aims to promote exchanges between operators on-site and remote interlocutors - foremen , engineers, technicians , etc. Unlike existing solutions that simply offer a remote view, System Vision opens real time interactivity. Exchange of information takes place in both directions: the device data is shared, a chat system allows operators and users to communicate directly without disrupting the work in progress.

The unit receives the list of work to be done (drilling depth, GPS position), the driving instructions and drilling parameters to meet (speed, torque etc.). Conversely the device sends real-time drilling data (name of the pile, diameter), the sensor measurements (depths, inclinations), its configuration (sensor calibration), alerts and notifications log.

Optimizing machine performance

By providing a synoptic view of the machines in real time and remote command tools, System Vision allows optimal coordination of the resources deployed on a site.The site manager gets a panoramic view of their machines, updated every second. Responsiveness is maximal: he can reallocate priorities and redefine roadmaps based on the progress of each drill. Better yet, the device data is stored, even if the software is not running. System Vision provides access to one year of historical data with an accuracy of one second.

Ensure a smooth and non-invasive maintenance

A vast majority of inconsistencies in the measure are related to problems of device configuration. System Vision has an alert system, fully customizable, which allows not only to detect problems in real time, but also the to correct remotely by integrating the proper configuration settings. The implementation of these new parameters is automated, it does not immobilize the machine or require the assistance of the operator, who is notified of changes and can keep working during an update.



Remote maintenance through System Vision avoids the extra cost and loss of time due to the intervention of technicians on site.





A dedicated tool evolving with worksite needs

The combination of Dialog + System Vision adapts to all machines, regardless of the manufacturer, and to all of the drilling processes. The interface is clear and intuitive, creating an easily manageable user interaction and constant from one machine to another.
The displayed data goes beyond mere machine parameters: the features are scalable, customizable, and available in all languages.

An easy solution to implement

Simply provide the Dialog with a SIM card, then connect to the website dedicated to Sytem Vision for mobile or install the program on a computer terminal, to start viewing data. In case of a non-network area, the system also works locally within a range of a hundred meters, using a Bluetooth connection, allowing close supervising of the machines without disrupting the work of the operator .
Within one company, the number of connected users is unlimited. The data is stored on the Jean Lutz server in a secure space associated with each company or directly within the company’s offices, if desired.

Promoting exchanges with operators and remote coordinating of Jean Lutz SA devices, System Vision optimizes the fleet of machines and provides better management in the progress of projects.