A versatile device: The Dialog MX

A versatile device: The Dialog MX

The DIALOG MX is a device for measuring and controlling special foundation processes. Equipped with a touch screen combining robustness and ergonomics, it is easy to use. It makes it possible to synchronize data efficiently between users permanently or intermittently connected to a corporate network.
From Kelly piles drains to injection, this is a versatile device that can work with a variety of processes.

The recording of the measurements is carried out simultaneously in time and in depth, with the transmission of the measurements in real time (Bluetooth, Internet / GPRS, USB). The configuration and updates can be completed remotely, site instructions can also be sent to the Dialog from a remote location. The DIALOG MX is equipped with an internal GPS system which allows tracking of the device, it can also be configured for the monitoring of the parameters of the machine.

In the case of CFA bored piles (TCT), the DIALOG MX drives, measures and records in a simple, reliable and precise way the following parameters:

  • The inclination of the mast
  • Drilling depth and speed
  • The torque and the speed of rotation of the auger
  • Concrete flow
  • Instant and average consumption
  • The profile of the pile created
  • The pressure at the bottom of the auger
  • The deviation of the pile

Thanks to the système Vision data is accessible from any device connected to the internet, the measurements can be monitored at any time on a remote screen. This also makes it possible to obtain graphical representations of the measurements and data for the purpose of quality control.