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Track the activity of your devices on your smartphone in real time.
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Our devices
Discover the range of JEAN LUTZ devices for the recording of measurements and control in deep foundations and geotechnics.
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Our sensors
Discover the range of high precision sensors JEAN LUTZ for deep foundations and geotechnical works.
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Our specialisation

The Jean Lutz company specialises in the design, manufacture and implementation of sensors and special measurement and control devices for monitoring ground improvement techniques on major works worldwide, including deep foundation and geotechnical instrumentation used in the construction of dams, tunnels, subways and roads.

Quality control

Vision system

System Vision from Jean Lutz SA allows the user to remotely monitor the progress of work carried out on a construction site on a remote display.

The system offers the ability to check instrumentation settings and check the quality of work on the construction site by remotely viewing the operators screen.

1.Collection of data

Schéma collecte des données

2.Connection to the customer area

Connexion espace clients

Real time monitoring


Summary of working time

Management assistance


Reduce the risk of plant breakdowns by effectively managing the maintenance of machines.

> Schedule and record maintenance.


Check parameters in real time to ensure that the site is running correctly.

> Detailed digital data of all measurements recorded by the device.


Monitor machine fuel consumption and cost effectiveness.

> Litres of fuel consumed per hour.

Instant data collection and access from anywhere offers unique optimization potential.

Manage all your machines simultaneously with the Vision Control Panel

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