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Vibrocompaction EN


Soil compaction using vibrators is known as Vibro-compaction or Vibro. It is a technique for stabilizing granular soils such as loose sands, gravel and embankments.


The method consists altering the state of the particles in the soil by vibration, to allow their compaction to a denser state.


On-site instrumentation measures and records in a simple, reliable and precise way:

  • The depth of treatment
  • The inclination
  • Vibrator power
  • The volume of the material
  • The amplitude, frequency, temperature and inclination of the vibrator


Devices suitable for measuring and recording parameters for vibro-compaction are equipped with a compact housing and are fully waterproof:

  • The DIALOG MX 
  • The LT3

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The recording of the various parameters is ensured by specific sensors :

  • The P82 for the depth of the vibrator
  • The PH2 for hydrostatic depth
  • The C16 400 for measuring thrust and torque pressure
  • The CCPVBR for amplitude and frequency of vibration, temperature and inclination
  • The MI16 500 for vibrator power

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Technical diagram and results layout

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