Soil analysis
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Before any construction and foundation work for civil engineering, a study of the physical and geological characteristics of the soil is necessary. It is the object of geotechnics which, through various in-situ or laboratory processes, makes it possible to study the mechanics of a soil.


This study will then influence the design of the structure and the choice of foundation processes to be used.


On-site instrumentation measures and records in a simple, reliable and precise way:

  • The drilling parameters
  • Pressure meter tests
  • Penetration soundings (CPT / SPT)
  • Permeability tests, type Lugeon


In addition to the apparatus used in drilling parameters, pressure meter tests are carried out by the PREVO and recorded by:

  • The ADN
  • The BAP

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The recording of the various parameters exploited in soil study is carried out by the same sensors as those defined in drilling parameters:

  • The F82 and the D90 for the depth
  • The VR28 for rotational speed
  • The C16 400 and C16 50 for thrust, injection, holding and torque pressures
  • The IGH1620 for inclination
  • The V16AF50 for vibration
  • EDH for flow rate and air pressure or injection fluid

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Controlling the pressure


Technical diagram and results layout

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