Vertical drains

Deep foundations
Drains verticaux EN

Vertical drains

Vertical drains are used for the improvement of soils saturated with water, they allow to increase considerably the speed of consolidation. Flexible flat or cylindrical plastic drains can reach depths of more than 35 meters.


Depending on the nature and composition of the ground to be treated, the drains can also be made in the form of sand columns or aggregates.


On-site instrumentation measures and records in a simple, reliable and precise way:

  • The depth
  • The pressure on the tool during the installation of the drains


The devices suitable for measuring and recording parameters for vertical drains are housed in sturdy stainless-steel weather proof housings:

  • The LT3

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The recording of the various parameters is ensured by specific sensors:

  • P82 for depth (automatic shutdown control)
  • The C16 400 for tool pressure

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Technical diagram and results layout

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