Vibro driving

Deep foundations
Vibrofonçage EN

Vibro driving

Commonly termed "vibrating", the use of vibrations to facilitate penetration into the ground of vertical elements (profiles, tubes, sheet piles) is used increasingly in public works.


Vibration penetration of a rigid element in the ground requires the use of a vibrator and a guidance system.


On-site instrumentation measures and records in a simple, reliable and precise way:

  • The depth
  • The inclination
  • The hydraulic pressure
  • The frequency and amplitude of the vibrations
  • The penetration rate of the soil


The watertight device suitable for the measurement and recording of vibro-driving:


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The recording of the various parameters and the control are ensured by specific sensors:

  • The P82 or the F82 for the depth
  • The V16AF50 (or NEMOV BT for additional deviation and inclination) for vibration amplitude and frequency
  • The C16 400 for hydraulic pressure
  • The IGH1620 for inclination
  • EDH associated with SP 100 and C16 50 for flow and grout pressure
  • The PRAD for the deviation and the pressure of the concrete at the bottom

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Technical diagram and results layout

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