Kelly piles

Deep foundations
Pieux Kelly EN

Kelly piles

With Kelly piles, soil excavation is carried out with the drilling tool (short auger, drilling bucket ...) mounted at the tip of a telescopic bar. When tubing is used, the tube is clamped using the hydraulic system of the drilling equipment, and it is lowered by rotating simultaneously in the borehole.


The concrete is poured through a hopper pipe slid into the casing to the final depth reached, the tube being the last step.


On-site instrumentation measures and records in a simple, reliable and precise way:

  • The inclination of the mast
  • Drilling depth and speed
  • Torque and rotation speed
  • The deviation
  • The thrust pressure


The device suitable for measuring and recording Kelly piles:


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The recording of the various parameters and the control are ensured by specific sensors:

  • The P82 for the depth
  • The VR28 for rotational speed
  •  The C16 400 for thrust pressure and torque
  • The IGH1620 for inclination
  • The PRAD for the deviation

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Technical diagram and results layout

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