Driven piles

Deep foundations
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Driven piles

A driven pile is put in place by the driving of a prefabricated element (concrete or steel) to a predetermined depth or until refusal. Driving is performed using the force of repeated hammer blows (metal mass).


Often fast in the beginning, the driving speed becomes slower during the driving of the pile with the increase in the depth.


On-site instrumentation measures and records in a simple, reliable and precise way:

  • The depth
  • The speed of the hammer before impact
  • Energy or driving (drop) height
  • Penetration per blow


The devices suitable for measuring and recording the parameters for the driven piles are made of particularly robust materials and protected by stainless steel weatherproof housings:

  • The DIALOG MX 
  • The BAP

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The recording of the various parameters is performed by specific sensors:

  • The P82 for depth and displacement (Option)
  • The VR28 for striking energy and blow detection
  • The IGH for inclination

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Technical diagram and results layout

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