Auger cast piles

Deep foundations
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Auger cast piles

The continuous flight auger pile has experienced much development in recent years, they are widely used in building foundations. The principle consists in screwing into the ground a hollow stem auger over a length at least equal to the length of the pile to be made, then to extract the auger from the ground without rotating while simultaneously concrete is injected by means of the hollow stem of the auger.

Thanks to the vast improvement of drilling equipment, piles from 500 mm to 1000 mm in diameter can be made with depths up to 35 m.


On-site instrumentation measures and records in a simple, reliable and precise way:

  • The inclination of the mast
  • Drilling depth and speed
  • The torque and the rotation speed of the auger
  • Flow and volume of concrete
  • Concrete pressure
  • Instantaneous and average consumption (overconsumption)
  • The profile of the pile installed
  • The monitoring of the pressure at the bottom of the auger
  • The deviation of the pile


The device suitable for measuring and recording auger piles:


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The recording of the various parameters and the control are ensured by specific sensors:

  • The F82 for depth
  •  The VR28 for rotation speed
  • The C16 400 and C16 50K for thrust, injection, retaining, and torque pressures
  • The RHTC16 associated with the C16 400 for parameters of the pump
  • SP 400 / SP 500 for concrete volume
  • The IGH1620 for mast inclination
  • The PRAD for pile deviation
  • The EDH for flow rate and air pressure or injection fluid

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Automatic position of the mast


Technical diagram and results layout

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