Diaphragm wall

Deep foundations
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Diaphragm wall

Molded walls are elements of underground structures used mainly for permanent foundation walls, also as supports and groundwater retention, with or without adjoining buildings.


The wall is made of single panels dug by excavation tools such as a bucket grab (mechanical or hydraulic) or a shearer.


On-site instrumentation measures and records in a simple, reliable and precise way:

  • The depth
  • The deviation in the vertical plane, parallel to the axis of the wall
  • The deviation in the vertical plane, perpendicular to the axis of the wall
  • The deviation due to the rotation of the bucket around its cable


The device suitable for measuring and recording parameters for diaphragm walls is watertight:

  • The DIALOG MX 

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The recording of the various parameters is ensured by specific sensors:

  • The P82 for the depth
  • NEMO BT for the deviation measurements

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Technical diagram and results layout

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