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NORMA2, orientation and inclination sensor
NORMA2, measure of highly accurate Geographic North (True North) The NORMA2, coupled with the Dialog, accurately measures the orientation and inclination of the mast on which it is mounted. Robust sensor developed to withstand shock and deformations, it is composed of two precision GPS receivers and a central unit protected by a robust stainless steel […]
DFI India
Meet us on november 15 & 16 2019 at DFI Hyderabad, Telangana, India. We will wait for you at the booth n°L05! DFI-INDIA 2019, THE 9th EDITION OF ON DEEP FOUNDATIONS TECHNOLOGIES FOR INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA DFI of India, in collaboration with the National Academy of Construction (NAC), and the Indian Geotechnical Society Hyderabad Chapter, […]
Solscope Mag June 2019
DFI Chicago
Meet us from the 15th to the 18th october 2019 at the DFI Chicago, Illinois, USA. We will wait for you at the stand 413! DFI 2019, THE 44th EDITION OF THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON DEEP FOUNDATIONS The exhibition will take place within the walls of the prestigious Hilton Chicago punctuated by conferences and built around the Exposition Hall which features […]
CONEXPO Latin America
Meet us from the 2nd to the 5th october 2019 at the CONEXPO Latin America in Santiago, Chile. We will wait for you at the stand B4207 ! CONEXPO, A MUST-SEE EXHIBITION FOR INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS CONEXPO is a world reference exhibition for all construction professionals, from the machines to the advanced instrumentation. It will take place […]
Solscope 2019
Meet us on 26th and 27th june 2019 at the National Exhibition of Geotechnics, Drilling and Special Foundations Solscope in Marseille, France. Visit the stand of JEAN LUTZ S.A. at the location B3 ! SOLSCOPE, AN EXHIBITION FOR SPECIALIZED PROFESSIONALS More than 2000 congress participants and visitors. Free entry. Solscope is the reference exhibition for […]
WTC 2019
Meet us from the 3th to the 9th may 2019 at the World Tunnel Congress in Naples, Italy. A great opportunity to exchange together on the latest innovations in instrumentation on our stand n°83. WTC, THE INDUSTRY'S CHOSEN GATHERING POINT WTC will take place in the exceptional setting of the Mostra d'Oltremare, a spectacular place […]
Bauma 2019
Find us from the 8th  to 14th  April 2019 at the Bauma International Construction Exhibition in Munich Discover our innovations in devices and sensors for Special Foundations and Geotechnics at our booth located in hall A2, stand 341. BAUMA, AN EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED Bauma, International Construction Exhibition will be held from 8th  to […]
Sensors for measuring the deviation of piles
Sensors for measuring the deviation of piles Experts in auger or Kelly piles are aware of this: the verticality of the structures may need to be carefully controlled when making secant piles and certain types of isolated piles. For this, Jean Lutz has designed two new measurement systems: Prad and Taupe sensors. The Prad sensor […]
A versatile device: The Dialog MX
A versatile device: The Dialog MX The DIALOG MX is a device for measuring and controlling special foundation processes. Equipped with a touch screen combining robustness and ergonomics, it is easy to use. It makes it possible to synchronize data efficiently between users permanently or intermittently connected to a corporate network. From Kelly piles drains […]
Measurement, control and recording of injection parameters with CINTAC
Measurement, control and recording of injection parameters with CINTAC CINTAC 15 is a device for measuring, controlling and recording injection parameters. Equipped with a large touch screen with a graphical intuitive interface, its use extends from the measurement and the recording of the parameters (pressure, flow, volume) to the control of the pumps (regulation of […]
The NEMO BT, a deviation and inclination sensor
The NEMO BT, a sensor for diaphragm walls The NEMO BT is a deviation and inclination sensor for grabs. It is equipped with a Bluetooth radio transmitter and a battery. In the absence of communication (immersed sensor), the measured values ​​are stored in the internal memory of the NEMO BT, they are transmitted from the […]