Measurement, control and recording of injection parameters with CINTAC

Measurement, control and recording of injection parameters with CINTAC

CINTAC 15 is a device for measuring, controlling and recording injection parameters.
Equipped with a large touch screen with a graphical intuitive interface, its use extends from the measurement and the recording of the parameters (pressure, flow, volume) to the control of the pumps (regulation of the pressure and the flow), as well as controlling and following complex instructions.

CINTAC can control and manage up to 12 pumps.

Parameters :

  • Smoothed / instantaneous pressure
  • Flow / Volume
  • Recording according to time / events
  • Description of the sections (numbering, ribs, ...)
  • Events described by the operator
  • External events captured (uprising, ...)
  • Up to 12 pumps

Piloting :

  • Simple manual / pilot mode switching
  • On / off regulation
  • Proportional pressure / flow rate regulation in automatic mode

    (The pump must be equipped with proportional valves)

Controls :

  • Fixed / variable safety pressure
  • Absolute instructions or per unit of depth
  • Stop on thresholds (set volume, set pressure and holding time, GIN, minimum flow)
  • Automatic hold or refusal / reminders
  • Servo-controlled pressure / flow rate: (fixed, variable in time GIN, cut into time phases)

Thanks to the Vision system data is accessible from any device connected to the internet, the measurements can be monitored at any time on a remote screen.
This also makes it possible to obtain graphical representations of the measurements and data for the purpose of quality control.