Real time deviation with the RICOR / CICOR

CICOR / RICOR, smart instrumented drill rod

The CICOR / RICOR combo is an instrumented drill rod equipped with deviation measurement sensors, on-board electronics, a collector and specific connectors allowing the whole system to be linked and thus transmitting information in real time to the operator. Its usage with tubed and non tubed drills near metallic elements makes it a powerful tool for real time deviation measurement.

The CICOR system comprises a non-magnetic rod about 1 meter long. It includes a central conduit that allows the drilling fluid or high pressure grout (Jetgrouting) to pass through the to the jet, and a lateral conduit for the passage of air to the second jet.

The CICOR is screwed onto the rod above the drilling head. It sends the measurements to the surface in real time by the special rods MWJ (Measuring While Jetting) manufactured by CRM company. The driller executes his drilling as usual. Every 3 m, he stops the rotation of rods for 20 seconds. This stop is detected by the DIALOG which measures the inclination in two perpendicular plans and the azimuth.
The RICOR retrieves the data, the measurements are then sent via Bluetooth to the DIALOG (parameter recorder).

The CICOR integrates the sensors to measure: inclinations in two perpendicular plans and azimuth in relation to magnetic north.